A downloadable game for Windows

Brantly McCord: Lead Programmer & Animator

David Whittinghill: Lead Design & Audio

Travis Faas: Programmer, Designer


shortArm is a brief game about verve and caution, making the most of life with the wisdom and drive of experience.

Use the Left Ctrl key to act on the left side of the screen, and the Right Ctrl key to act on the right side.

The game lasts about 4 minutes in total.

Music used: The Hours - Ali in the Jungle


Note: version 1.01 has been uploaded! A spelling correction and a number of sprite edits have been included.


Special Thanks: Reuben Brenner-Adams for audio assistance, James Smith for documenting our process and moral support, and Train Jam 2018 for getting us here.


shortArmv1.01.zip 119 MB

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