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Burdy began as a foundational template for my CGT game dev students at the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, but after enough added features and work hours, it has grown its own identity!


As the Birds descend from the mountains, and the Bunns rise from the burrows, they meet on the Middle Grounds, but unfortunately, not in a friendly manner! Their dispute awakens a lonely little creature between it all: Burdy! 

Burdy is not necessarily a Bird, not exactly a Bunn, but has the body and spirit to help those in need! With your help, Burdy can reach new heights and help keep everybody grounded!

W, S, A, and D keys: Move Burdy
Spacebar: Jump (press repeatedly to fly)
F, or Left Ctrl key: Lift nearby small objects, throw held objects
Q key, or Left Mouse Button: Talk to nearby characters, or hold to point to task
E key, or Right Mouse Button: Talk to nearby characters, or hold to point to taskgiver
Move Mouse: Rotate camera around Burdy

P, or Enter key: Pause game
Alt+R keys: Reset game
Escape, or Backspace key, or Alt+F4 keys: Quit game


Please contact me! mccord4@purdue.edu or via Twitter @brantly_mccord

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBrantly McCord

Install instructions

Right-click on the .zip folder, select "Extract All", then in the newly uncompressed folder, double-click on the Burdy.exe application to play!


BurdyGame_v0.1.zip 133 MB